shinyamon - Smell the Cinnamon!

22:43's first look! Yeay! Or.... No?
Hey there!
So, this is my 1356318391721's blog. I quite satisfied with the look. Ofc, I got some trouble even when the theme wasn't really mine. I got it from here. I was good at html coding. But now I got really dizzy when edited some little things. Practice made perfect, huh? But  I wish I could satisfied you with my writings later. Yeay~

Don't be surprised, the first post was a song lyric. Guess what song was it~~ Tehehehe~ Uh. There was the title. Sowree, It's my current favorite song. It was just a beta post so I could see how my blog will turn out while editing the theme so I deleted it and this post is our first post! Hohoho

And don't neglect our pretty ahjussi there. HYESUUUNNGG~ SHIN HYESUNG~~ From my favorite boy, ehm, man group, Shinhwa. But no, this blog name wasn't inspired by Shinhwa. Shinya is a name I picked when I started blogging. I grew up and I use my real name but I got bored again with my name. lol. I wrote fanfics too and sometime I go by pen name Cinnamon Jung and a few hours ago I thought that Shinyamon is sounded like Cinnamon, right? So, yeah, this blog was born! :D

Enjoy your visit and...... I don't bite.


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